We supply seasoned hardwood and softwood firewood sourced solely from FSC accredited sustainable managed woodlands in the southwest of England. Our firewood is cut and split and stored in well ventilated barns in specially designed vented bags which hold a loose volume of 1 cubic metre of wood each.

Our firewood is priced by volume, not weight, which is a more accurate measure for firewood. Our pricing includes VAT at 5%, and delivery.

  • Delivery area covers West Devon and East Cornwall
  • Delivery quantities from 1 to 3 cubic Metres at a time in any H/W or S/W mix
  • The firewood is normally 12”-14” long, however any length from 8” to 24” can be provided on request
  • The hardwood is normally a mix of Beech, Sycamore, Oak, birch and occasionally ash
  • The softwood is Larch. We do not sell Pine
  • The trailer load shown contains 2 cubic metres of firewood
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